Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Third Post of Being Bored

- Sup! What have you been doing the last few days, I haven't seen you around?
- I've been playing this game where there's this 2D landscape and ... 2D cars evolve to go further and further.
- Sounds cool. So... How do you play it?
- You watch...
- Huh?
- You watch... The cars evolve.
- Not really a game then is it?
- No...
- Umm...
- I should die.
- Yes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Second Post of Being Bored

I remember when we were kids. *chuckles*
Me and all the boys from our neighbourhood used to play war all the time. Those were the days. Of course we didn't have heavy machinery or heavy weapons like tanks, rocket launchets, etc. Instead we had knives we used to steal from kitchen, Jimmy had an old Mauser he stole from his father's collection (his father was a drunk and never paid any attention to the kid).
And so we played and played til the bedtime, heck, sometimes even past the bedtime.
I remember this one time a new kid moved to our neighbourhood. Heh! The little dimwit started bragging about his new asian sword he'd got for his birthday. Said it was "the bestest" or some crap like that. Jim shot him right in the face.
Yes... Those were indeed the days. Didn't see Jimmy much after that incident. The new kid's parents ratted us out to Jim's dad and he was sent somewhere away. I never knew where...
Stabbing a kid in the bushes or the smell of fresh blood started to lose it's thrill for me. I was out playing less and less. Later I went to a college and after that I got a job. I even have a wife and two adorable kids now.
Sometimes, when nostalgic, I've tried contacting some of my old friends but... I haven't found anyone. I've tried finding Jim on Facebook but nothing. Maybe he got a knife in the guts in some alleyway just like we used to dream (if that's the case, way to go Jim!). You never know...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The First Post of Being Bored

So. Here I am just bored, sitting, minding my own business. The high E string on my guitar just broke and I have no cash to buy new ones at the moment (so sad. so very very sad. here is the point where you have to feel bad for me.) I haven't been able to find any good PC games, good movies and/or TV shows lately (i know, real problems, not like hunger or some bullcrap). Plus I am fed up with reading books right now (been doing that for the last 2-3 months). As I mentioned I am broke right now so going out is also not an option right now. And most of the shows I watch are on damn pause right now.
So here I am, sitting like a piece of dog crap on my neighbour's lawn. Real stinkin' fun. So I go on the internet to check some humor sites for the 50th goddamn time and I find out I can make a bit money with blogs (yay! plus also, you know, that's what it all comes down to really in this consumer-oriblablabla bla bla). So I come here and start writing a blog! (hell yeah!)
Well, I don't really believe I can actually get somehing, but it's not like I got something else to do. Plus I can rant. RANT, I TELL YOU! (now i need to go pee, damn ranting)

Oh, by the way. If anyone ever reads this here could you recommend any TV shows/series or whatever they are called. They should be like... Monty Python's Flying Circus, Big Train, Spaced, Massive, Chuck, Stargate Universe, Doctor Who, ... ummm... Well I think you'll get the idea. Oh, 30 Rock is also fun. And of course the collective works of Seth MacFarlane. Although Family Guy has gotten a bit stale lately.

Hugs and kisses,