Sunday, January 9, 2011

The First Post of Being Bored

So. Here I am just bored, sitting, minding my own business. The high E string on my guitar just broke and I have no cash to buy new ones at the moment (so sad. so very very sad. here is the point where you have to feel bad for me.) I haven't been able to find any good PC games, good movies and/or TV shows lately (i know, real problems, not like hunger or some bullcrap). Plus I am fed up with reading books right now (been doing that for the last 2-3 months). As I mentioned I am broke right now so going out is also not an option right now. And most of the shows I watch are on damn pause right now.
So here I am, sitting like a piece of dog crap on my neighbour's lawn. Real stinkin' fun. So I go on the internet to check some humor sites for the 50th goddamn time and I find out I can make a bit money with blogs (yay! plus also, you know, that's what it all comes down to really in this consumer-oriblablabla bla bla). So I come here and start writing a blog! (hell yeah!)
Well, I don't really believe I can actually get somehing, but it's not like I got something else to do. Plus I can rant. RANT, I TELL YOU! (now i need to go pee, damn ranting)

Oh, by the way. If anyone ever reads this here could you recommend any TV shows/series or whatever they are called. They should be like... Monty Python's Flying Circus, Big Train, Spaced, Massive, Chuck, Stargate Universe, Doctor Who, ... ummm... Well I think you'll get the idea. Oh, 30 Rock is also fun. And of course the collective works of Seth MacFarlane. Although Family Guy has gotten a bit stale lately.

Hugs and kisses,

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